Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

So, dua hari yang lalu akhirnya gwe tamatin juga ini game. So far this is the most epic RPG ive ever played. Gimana enggak, you’ll be deciding the fate of the world, after the apocalpyse has began, in order to “recreate” and “reshape” the world based on four ideals:

The world of solitude.
The world of nonexistence.
The world of chaos.
And the world of power.

I, of course, decided to go with the last one. Only the strong should live and survive. It’s the only way to improve one’s life. The lazy and weak shall perish, for they cannot adapt.

But after baca2 guide di gamefaqs, rupanya bisa dapet another ending kalo kita bisa selesaikan special dungeonnya, dan endingnya nanti bergabung sama Lucifer untuk berperang melawan God and Heaven!! It sounds awesome!! Berhubung untuk bisa berperang bersama Lucifer, kita harus buktikan bahwa kita berada di top hierarchy of power, jadi sejalan dengan idealisme gwe tentang the world of power. And its Demon version of it, gimana ga keren?


Ini screenshot dimana Lucifer ngakuin kekuatan gwe dan menjadikan gwe his trusted Liutenant, while the whole army of demon behind my back. Yes, I’m the humanoid red-eyes demon whos power evenly matched with Lucifer himself, being able to defeat him as bonus hidden boss. Dan dengan lagu Crucified, bener2 keren parah rasanya!

And another interesting things about this game: filosofinya banyak sekali!! Dan didesain untuk enam macam tipe pemikiran orang. Salahsatunya seperti ini:


Makes you think, doesnt it? People always say what they want, but did not act for it. Padahal mereka juga berpengaruh pada keadaan dunia ini. Yet they always shift the blame to others, looking for someone to punish.


And oh, link buat lagunya Army of Lovers – Crucified ada disini:

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